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Committed to Pima’s Ongoing Success

Nicole recognizes the incredible role Pima Community College plays in our region and that is why she has chosen to run for the governing board seat in district 1. As a former PCC educator, she knows firsthand the transformation the College has undergone in recent years due to visionary leadership from the community and within PCC. She wants to focus on safeguarding these achievements and work to continue the positive momentum of innovation, excellence and expansion.


When Nicole first started teaching at Pima Community College in 2013, the Higher Learning Commission had just placed the College on probation, and it faced losing its accreditation. The community rallied and new leadership on the governing board and at the helm of the College turned things around. Now, Pima is a national leader in employee development, workforce development and has won numerous national awards. Nicole experienced the shift when she returned to teaching at Pima in 2017. She believes leadership matters and she is running to ensure the College continues its success in transforming students’ lives.  

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